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Error concepts of counterculture

Error concepts of counterculture

Error concepts of counter culture.

Culture is a shambles. It has to. Otherwise, our fight to shed light on today's subcultures and social workings would be futile. It makes less sense than it did nearly 20 years ago, when artists and activists were not fired for using the correct word to address a work group of people. So, what exactly is Error shedding light on? Commercialism, racism, cancel culture, and the modern-day equivalent of Blackface modern order, seizing on the worst characteristics of black society and hyperbolizing them to entertain a non-black audience, according to them.


Is Popeyes a modern take on blackface? Isn't current hip-hop even better? What does it mean to say, "I got a Popeyes?" What does repackaging old stereotypes imply? The team behind Error implies that anyone who entertains thoughts other than "real life" is a disgrace, a traitor to his or her culture who needs to be shown the way to redemption. Their position also assumes that an attentive audience is incapable of distinguishing between fact and fiction, reality and rented props. If concepts were as appealing as the ones they condemn as sellouts, damaging, and dangerous.


The Minstrel Show is a collection of design concepts and ideas created for one purpose: to break down today's tiresome social rigging, allowing the group to pound its ham-fisted audience. It's a fictitious visual thing that serves as the foundation for a plethora of art, design, and jokes throughout. Some of the concepts appear to be amusing at first, but the undertones are rife with pain and consciousness


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