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Hey fam check out the very new error youtube channel we have so great stuff come very soon.  REJECT UR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE UR OWN  

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(empowering. real. refreshing. official. revolutions)

ərror represents a generation without boundaries, A Do It Yourself brand counterculture to popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Ideology and iconography in self-empowering individuals to be individuals, with the use of sarcasm and reverse psychology and cultural movements works that represent our influences, ideals and philosophy. Our Brand fuses music, design, streetwear, illustration, video games, sports and more. With works in apparel, posters, toys, artwork, accessories, and any means of reaching our audience. We will remain in a class of our own with a liberated pulse on emerging trends and talent, bending the world and its agendas.

Welcome and shop for knits, toys and accessories, see the entire selection of products from error. 


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