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The best lifestyle sneakers are those that compliment your lifestyle. If you’re a fashion forward individual who embraces the latest trends, then you’ll want to find sneakers that work for your personal style.      error sneakers are a unique breed. We go to great lengths to be first in line for the latest and most exclusive pair of kicks. We’ve even taken the plunge with a few fakes here or there just so we don’t miss out on that limited edition sneaker drop! However, one thing we always come back to is having an appreciation for quality over quantity when it...

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Hey fam check out the very new error youtube channel we have so great stuff come very soon.  REJECT UR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE UR OWN  

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As Leaders of the new revolution, we always seem to have all these great intentions for getting stuff accomplished. We believe that knowledge paired with actions will get us there. Well, we’re are all wrong. Our goal to feel motivated and pumped everyday for your brand, to find ways to grassroots advertisements and market ourselves. Find partners to helping to keep you accountable for your work  In our findings we stumbled into cheap way of advertising in a upcoming local magazine that simply need to fill ad-space for its first issue. The teams fire was lit and stuff started to happen. We came up with a full page ad...

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Its been a long time coming, our brand is almost ready to launch. The team is happy for the logo-type and working on the design for the logo.    Our slogan is finalized and  it goes something like this “reject ur reality and substitute ur own.” Please any feedback is needed thank you.

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