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After landing a new multi sponsorship, the team has now secured enough events to start out the new year with a bang. the 46 degree magazine, a partner with a major presence in the Alaska Anchorage area, has lot us signed on as a primary sponsor for the 6th Annual Alaska Hip Hop and R&B Music Awards &  Pinky twerk tip a thon.       One new sponsorship comes with a chance for unique market opportunity with giveaways and promotional material and networking. Another new sponsorship comes with a chance for influencer and word of mouth marketing.  

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The team is thinking of expanding the brand into independent music scene, we want to offer indie artist labels of all music genre distribution.    Error New Vision Big labels and huge distribution company can make it impossible, for the indy artist to make a impact without charging an arm and leg. The team here at error believes that the playing field should be even.  Have Control & Stay Creative Artists should control how their music reaches fans. Artists should be able to sell individual tracks alongside an album. You should be able to choose the street date, price and whether or not a...

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The GAP Program also referred to as The Graduation Assistance Program (sister organization to Envision EES) is a recognized not profit organization operating within the State of Alaska.

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Hey fam check out the very new error youtube channel we have so great stuff come very soon.  REJECT UR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE UR OWN  

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(empowering. real. refreshing. official. revolutions)

ərror represents a generation without boundaries, A Do It Yourself brand counterculture to popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Ideology and iconography in self-empowering individuals to be individuals, with the use of sarcasm and reverse psychology and cultural movements works that represent our influences, ideals and philosophy. Our Brand fuses music, design, streetwear, illustration, video games, sports and more. With works in apparel, posters, toys, artwork, accessories, and any means of reaching our audience. We will remain in a class of our own with a liberated pulse on emerging trends and talent, bending the world and its agendas.

Welcome and shop for knits, toys and accessories, see the entire selection of products from error. 


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