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New drippy drip

New drippy drip

T-shirt design can costs a pretty penny, especially for those that have had to resort to buying them from high end graphic designers. Hard as it might be to believe, these new designs that will have fans wanting more for our team here at error. The new designed t-shirts are priced at 30 bucks.

The shirt comes in white and black variations. It's not uncommon for our brand to drop new designs without updating fans first, but we felt we had some heat with these designs!

Clearly our shirts are doing well for the brand, we wanted to go back to our roots and a much simple design for our fans. Both versions are available from Large and 4XL sizes.

Shirts features the iconic word error but blur areas that are hard to focus on. The other is an isometric like 3d typography design that reads error life. Lastly we have a design that is our favorite glitch effect big and both in two versions icon logo and in logotype



The error brand has a lot of loyal fans, and it's possible that some of them are will fall in love with these new designs and support are direction on these. For those who love the lifestyle brand, it might be a worthwhile purchase. At the very least, the shirts are comfortable and are nice. For everyone else, This might be a great introduction to the brand without any boundaries.

Want these design now? Go to our apparel section on the website or click here to view them now.

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  • Sarah Griffin

    These are some very clean designs can’t wait to see more

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