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error Music Distribution

error Music Distribution

The team is thinking of expanding the brand into independent music scene, we want to offer indie artist labels of all music genre distribution. 


Error New Vision

Big labels and huge distribution company can make it impossible, for the indy artist to make a impact without charging an arm and leg. The team here at error believes that the playing field should be even. 

Have Control & Stay Creative

Artists should control how their music reaches fans. Artists should be able to sell individual tracks alongside an album. You should be able to choose the street date, price and whether or not a track can be previewed before purchase. Sell individual tracks and full albums, presales or whatever you want to do.

Get Paid First & Direct

error wants creators to get paid - not the executive, why wait to get paid when the money could be in your wallet sooner? error wants fans to support you directly and there's no minimum amount before getting paid. You could even sell digital albums at shows and have gas money for the next gig!

Get Credit & Stay Informed

Stay focused on what matters most - making music. Know ur daily sales to on Billboard charts. Make music not reports. 

We are excited about the possibilities


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