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Back to School Giveaway

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Back to School Giveaway

The team here at error is proud of this opportunity to help donate in this years giveaway. 

We luv the feedback on this amazing event, every new school year parents struggle with an average cost of school supplies tops $100. If the words "school supplies" call to mind a few pencils, a notebook, maybe a Trapper Keeper, get ready for the new math: The average K-12 parent will spend $100 per student on school supplies this year, up 12 percent from last year. Children can be hurt by this socially because they don’t have what the other kids have and they know it … and it hurts them in the classroom. For example when a child doesn't have notebooks to write down their assignments.

Without the correct school supplies, children can have a hard time staying up on their lessons and keeping pace with the rest of the class. Therefore quality supplies our vital to their success. Items like binders, folders and notebooks are meant to keep students organized and help keep a solid record of important topics.

Supplies like pens, pencils, erasers and even calculators are items that will be used often and shouldn’t be undervalued. Having a quality medium like a pen will allow the student to focus on what the teacher is talking about as opposed to worrying about if they’re pen is working properly or has already run out of ink.

Don’t underestimate the necessity for quality school supplies for children this upcoming school year. For more info on this event check them out here and here


  • John Battle

    Good read the only thing kids should have too worry about is what time is recess.

  • Stacy Trapper

    Such a good cause

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